I have a laptop from 2014, and idk what zorin version i install it on

my old laptop haves a 4gb, Slow hard drive and pretty slow in general, i would like
to use my old laptop as a minecraft server that runs "Paper".

can i run a minecraft server in linux easily with plugins etc without the trouble of opening terminal and all of that stuff?

also a small question, Can i use windows if i changed my mind later?

Edit:I have an i5 1.7 ghz

I recommend asking here: GamersOnLinux and if you need to then here: Linux - WineHQ Forums
But most likely the guys on the first link can answer your question.

You can try Zorin Lite. And yes, you can always go back to Windows.

Thanks for answering! but what is the difference between zorin lite and the normal one other than the different required specs?

Pretty much just the desktop environment. Best answered here: Xfce vs Gnome DE
Zorin core = Zorin + Gnome DE
Zorin Lite = Zorin + XFCE DE

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Although for 20.04, most principles should apply the same:
This landed in my feed and since you asked something like this, I figured I would forward it.