I have a problem with STEAM GAMES.

Hello Zorin Forms

I have a problem with STEAM GAMES.

After installing a game from STEAM, I would start the game and it looked fine. The Game would start running fine.

But after a short time the game would FREEZE UP, the sound would loop/ Freeze and the computer would stop responding to key input, and mouse would not move.

I would need to do a HARD Restart. ie. ( Push the Reset Button )

Software information:

Fallout 4


Hardware Information


*** I have installed two different Video Cards in my testing and Tested Video Card Drivers Settings.

Video Card information:

Geforce 206 (GTX 960)

Geforce RTX 3050 OC 8 gb PCI 4.0

Current Video Card Driver Setting is

Current Display Setting:



Two different games.

Two video cards.

Different Video Card Drivers.

Different “In-Game” Video Settings.

And switching to Wayland? You can do so on the gear button that's on the login screen.

and how does that fix my problem?!!!!! Or are you just putting up a ADD...

Because some users and I didn't have certain problems after changing to the other DE, this is why I suggested it. What do you mean with putting up an ADD? I'm Italian so if it's a way of saying I didn't get it :sweat_smile:.