I have a question about installing my purchased zorin 16 in 2 machines

Hi i have purchased zorin 16 pro on 29 of august and i installed it on my laptop so far it is a brilliant OS. Now my question, is it possible to install it on my desktop?

Yes. As long you own multiply computers you can install Zorin OS Pro with one license.
But you can't install it on your neighbors computer. If it's a company you own then you need to purchase a license for each computer.


Then I understand at home I can install on any my laptops or computers ? I don't count a 32 bit what you cannot installing Zorin.


I installed Zorin 16 Pro on one desktop and one laptop. My second desktop is running Mint Linux (Cinnamon) just in case :wink:

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I have on one old manjaro.

Diversification is the key.
Distros can come and go.

Canonical might change its mind and Ubuntu might disappear one day. I also use Debian based MXLinux which is on more solid foundation than Ubuntu.


MxLinux I try maybe some day but zorin for me is more friendly for people forward from windows to linux. Mint, Elementary,Debian I tried long time ago.

That is correct.
My husband is using MX as his main OS but he did not come from Windows.

What is nice about MX is an absence of systemD, which makes system more efficient and stable. Desktop is not as pretty as Zorin but being XFCE desktop, you can easily customize it any way you like. I think @Aravisian is also an advocator of MX.

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I always using mostly with XFCE more light. How I can choose in Zorin XFCE when in standard installing system is GNOME?
MxLinux also is for more advance users what I know.

Zorin OS Lite. :slight_smile:

You can also install XFCE on Zorin Core with

sudo apt install xfce4

I love me some MX Linux and Jerry will get nothing but my fullest support.
MX Linux is bold in that it allows the use of SystemD or the removal of systemd, by use of a shim. I cannot agree with this enough, as it is in the truest FOSS spirit to provide the User Choice and Options.

I've never thought I'd see his name here in Zorin forum :wink:
Small world.
I followed his video tutorial for how to install MX on the RasPi4.

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When I install XFCE then i can remove gnome or can switching both what i want?

I would just switch between the two from log in window. Yes, you can remove Gnome, technically, but it is not as easy as sudo apt remove... since many components are integrated. You would need to first install replacements for those integrated components.
It's not really worth it.

Or that we wait for Zorin 16 Pro Lite, no?


If Zorin 16 Pro Lite will be free for people who bought Zorin 16 Pro.

Absolutely. That is my understanding.
I am impatiently waiting for it - I need to instal it on my 9 years old Acer Aspire.

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Zorin last month on 9 place ranking.

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It is a good news :confetti_ball:
Before the release of version 16, it used to hover between No. 12 and 14.

thank you for the reply, of course it's my two home machines and from what i understand i can install of my desktop.

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