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Hi guys, coming here after a very long time, some might remember me too (@Aravisian and @StarTreker and many more). I currently have an idea of creating a new O.S. based on Linux. Need a guide on how to create it from @AZorin and @zorink, if possible. If anyone else can guide me, then its fine too.

Also, wanted to know how much time this process can take, along with how difficult it really would be.


Hello @100WCharge
I am just curious it will be fork or something really new?
Linux you mean a debian,ubuntu or arch creating a linux?
On the webside are many software to help you creating a ISO with linux.
If you want creating alone a linux distribution it could taken a 10 years or more.
Maybe with chatgpt little faster.
You can asking chatgpt he can help you find tools to create linux also I remember somewhere here i put some information how do that. Here is link

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Absolutely. You are a problem solver that offered many great suggestions and helpfully guided many members.

The ZorinGroup are friendly and very helpful people. There are many guides openly available that they have written for others on many topics, some included here on this forum and some elsewhere.
However, the ZorinGroup is currently heavily focused on several projects for Zorin OS development including

  • Zorin Grid
  • Zorin Direct Release Upgrade

Artyom Zorin recently expressed the weight of this mantle and from my observations, I find it highly unlikely that they will enter this thread and say something like, "I am sorry, but due to time constraints, we must decline."
I really do not think they would do that.

So I will ask @100WCharge to do this for them. Because I believe that it best facilitates everyone's success.

I have created my own distro, though I never released it publicly. And @Bourne has been openly exploring this recently, as well.
100WCharge, let's see if the resources you currently have can help you begin taking steps into the direction of your goal prior to distracting the best available experts.

Once we set a more solid foundation that you can build upon, you may be able to get more detailed support from higher level Distro Builders.

This really depends on a lot of factors and what you have in mind for a goal. Forking a project can be pretty straight-forward and developing it can increase in intensity depending on the severity of the changes you wish to make.

What I recommend is start off simple.
Make a direct fork and then tweak it slightly. Focus on that one thing. Get it just how you want it. Then, you have a completed product. Each step ensures that you result in One Completed Project to avoid ever feeling overwhelmed or lost in too much work.
Now look at your next change and enact that. Keep this up until you are reasonably satisfied with your product.
Now that this is done - You can begin. :wink:
Begin using your own product and taking notes and making observations of what could change or improve. Tweak each item, one at a time, testing in between.
At no point will you ever say, "Aha, this is now finished." You are looking for that point where you feel patiently ready to publicly release your product.
I say "patiently" because impatience can push a person to not release when ready.

Now, to set the foundation, let's start with you looking into Linux Live Kit or Linux from Scratch:



I created Linux From Scratch it was very nice experience.
The most important is kernel wisely choice options.
I am sitting with creating linux about two years.
Never asking developers brothers Zorin for help how to create a linux.
@100WCharge I really don't know what exactly you want.
Creating a linux distribution is simple.
The two good books explaining how do that is LFS with automation

I am not a wizard to know what you want.
Linux there is many possibilities.

You gived only one word "linux" - it can be everything.

Thank you so much for answering your questions and taking your time out for this. And I really missed you all fellow members of this forum, I would like to know which programming language is used to create such distros.

Also, is StarTreker and others still online?

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Linux Live Kit is here.

The language in linux is c/c++/python
Here is most guide for build your linux distribution.

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You can also going with guide a books.
Robert Love author

Good article here:

In this topic my knowledge is finished.
Herev is cherry on a cake.

Thanks for replying guys, wanted to ask @Aravision about the distro he has tried to create, as mentioned before by himself, and how and where did you get the idea and resources for creating it. Also, are you still developing it, if yes then when will it be completed as I would be very excited to use it.

(P.S. Do you play any games, if yes, then what games?)

It is based on Antix, though modified to behave as if Debian based. Like MXLinux, it uses a shim.
The idea stemmed from my rather deep following of the changes Gnome has been making that affect far more than Gnome Desktop.

The resources; I posted the beginning I used here in this thread already. Aside from that, it becomes a tangled mess of links all over the web, most of which I would need to look up and find... I mean, you set out to solve a problem and then move on to the next.

I tinker with it once in a while. But the inhibition is based on Gnomes recent LibAdwaita furor. Things are very uncertain in Linux right now and I do not feel like having everything I do get outmoded by Gnome before I even finish it.

My only alternative is to fork GTK and make something new from it, independent and not reliant on Gnome.
And that is beyond my abilities. Maybe I will get there someday.
In the meantime - other developers are starting to do this; many of them actual experienced knowledgeable developers.

And releasing any of the three I created; I would have to maintain a publicly released Distro - which I barely have time for. I struggle just to help troubleshoot here on the forum.
Lastly, there are Many Distros out there. What would I make that would bring something new? If I released it, I would want to fork GTK and also have my own Desktop Environment (XFEX, probably or maybe something new).

I have been playing Valheim lately...

@100WCharge Hello. Did you wondering about automated-lfs?

The thing is that I am totally confused on how to make my OS. Also, I am in 12th Grade, so it will be hard to make an OS from scratch or even from linux itself, as I dont have enough knowledge and time to do so. After all half-baked knowledge leads to problems, right @Aravisian? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I hope you all can understand what I am trying to say. :sweat_smile:

Hence I am doing it after my college years, where I would have more knowledge on these programming languages. However, I am thinking to tinker and create some program based on python, as I am currently learning that in my school and on several websites. I need suggestions on what should I make. Like something that would really help you all in your daily life and it would be scalable for the future, something with a revenue model(maybe :grinning:).

Or try to make a game. Suggestions are always accepted :wink:


This is some guide or things how to start or what knowledge your need to create some operacyjny system.
Before i started interesting with distributions how to do something? People gived me advice - start with gentoo. Then go to LFS.
When you finish your LFS then you can choose any DE.

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Here is most simplify with explanation.
How to build own linux.

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