I have created a bootable drive of Ubuntu 21.10 and want to install it alongside Zorin OS 16 Core Beta

I am doing this on my primary computer, which has a lot of files. I want to install Ubuntu alongside Zorin OS without losing my files. I have allotted 500 GB for Zorin OS and 500 GB for Ubuntu. Please help as I don't want to lose my files.

before you start a heaxy operation, I recommend you to create a back up disk image using CloneZilla (CUI) or Resuezilla (GUI).
This way you can easily restore the entire disk. Both applications compresses files efficiently, you do not have to have a same size storage as a backup drive.
It is also important to copy the content of your current Home directory in safe place, just in case something goes wrong.

This should be given as an option while you are in the installer.

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@FrenchPress gave you great advice. Best move before anything is backup :slight_smile:

You should make bootable Ubuntu usb, boot from bios in those usb, run installer, and than you should have options "install alongside Zorin". If you have questions or doubts , we are here, you can even post photos if you dont know what to click .
useful link : https://markontech.com/linux/dual-boot-ubuntu-and-linux-mint/

But my advice is to use only one distro on your laptop.
Dual boot can be sometimes really messy xD

If you want to experiment with other distros, use VM or try them in live

Using the "Install alongside Zorin OS" option in the installer will work fine. Follow FrenchPress's preparation advice just for security.

I did that but when i opened ubuntu, it took me to zorin again. So, i just removed the ubuntu partition.

what if i leave empty space for installing ubuntu over there. and after installing it will it clash with the zorin grub or will it work fine.

Leaving empty space also will be fine. I am a little confused though- if you installed alongside, Ubuntu would still be present and would still be offered in the boot.

yes it was offered, but the moment i opened it, it led me to zorin os.