I have moved to KDE Plasma 6

Yup - Full time that is. It doesn't feel so heavy as Gnome 46. IT still have some quicks here and there, but overall a nice feeling. I went with Solus OS - Plasma as it's a rolling distro.

My Plasma setup


People talking this distribution workin on old laptops etc.
The project "wake up" - last time he was dieying.
Good to know it exist stable linux distributions.
@Storm That is true he is writing from scratch?
Solus is an independent distribution, developed initially by Ikey Dougherty and now maintained by a team. Solus is not a derivative of Debian/Ubuntu, Arch or any other predecessor.
That is very interesting.
Package manager is eopkg.

But Solus had some Problems in the Past. This now is a ... Comback if you want so. So, to use it as a Daily Driver ... I would be careful.

That looks very clean, I like it. Perhaps I will give it another try... KDE has been too much for me every time I've tried it. I'm leaning more towards XFCE and OpenBox, which I've been meaning to try lately.

It looks healthier than ever, to be honest. Take a look at this report... they even have a new YouTube channel! I wish Zorin OS had something like that to keep us updated. :eyes:

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I will trying propably soon.

It's a whole new Solus than from the past. I'be have been in contact with the devs of Solus and they are very active in devloping and have contact with its userbase both on git and their forum.

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That is good info when a users have a good contact with developers.
I will installing a virtual manager and install there to understable SolusOS
What is advice installing a virtual manager qemu or workstation bundle?

Can't answer that. I usually uses Boxes for testing stuff.

If you decide to setup Solus on you Harddisk, make sure /boot has 1024MB at minimum. The devs made it this way so users don't run out of space. I guess it has been an isssue in the past.

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I've been using QEMU/KVM for a few years now, without any problems whatsoever. I don't use anything graphic intensive though, so that may be a limitation for some people who need to access the GPU from the guests boxes.

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I know. And it will change more in the Future, too. I read that they want use something called SerpentOS as Base for Solus 5.

I took a Look on Solus 4.5 and I directly liked eopkg more that DNF, hahaha!

If this Enthusiasm will stand in the Future we will see. When it will be solid, good. When it breaks down a 2nd Time ...

Serpent OS is a distro I'll like to try when it's ready. Just the name ooze of Slytherin from Harry Potter :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hopefully it won't get the Nickname ''Harry Potter Distro'' Hahaha! But we will see what this Distro brings. I only saw some Videos about moss ... the Package Manager I guess. Looked interesting.

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I for one would really Like that - Harry Potter OS or HPOS. :slight_smile:

By the way I read the first Harry Potter book(s) before it became a pop phenomenon.

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qemu coming from OpenBSD.

Would HP (the Printer Manufacturer) like this Name? Haha! But so You have a new Project: Harry Potter Icon's and Theme.

When You like it, You like it. Why not. Since when is not important. When You like it before it is totally okay. When You would come to the Books through the Films it is okay, too.

Ikey is back on the team. So is Josh. I really liked Solus and I want to give it a shot again. Supposedly, Ikey is working on Serpent OS and they will rebase the code for Solus on the same. I am not clear if there will be two different operating systems though. I used to follow their blog but when updates and their website went down a few years back I stopped following them. They seem to have a better and larger team now with a formal hierarchy. I may go back. I was thinking about doing that on a spare SSD but went with Pop!_OS instead. I really liked how Solus did their rolling release. Let us know how Solus works out. :+1:

Now now, don't spoil my snob attitude :smiley:

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