I have noticed that someone is targeting new linux users

I havn't been a long member of Zorin forum, but a long time Linux users (22 years) and Ubuntu Forum Staff in almost 14 years. In the short time I have been a member of Zorin Forum I have marked two threads as spam that try to lure newbies to download files of free games on their computers and free Zorin 16 Ultimate .iso.

To linux newbies. If it sounded to good to be true, don't download and install anything that doesn't comes from official source. There are people out there with ill intended.



Hi Storm,
How did you mark the thread as Spam?
I looked around but did not see any button to click for that.

Next to the reply button is there 3 dots, click it and choose the flag icon.

It says "privately flag this post for attention or send a private notification about it"
That means it will be notified to the forum moderator?

Aye, you'll get different options why you have flagged a post or a thread.

Are, now I see it by clicking the flag!
I did not know there was such function.

It is the first time I've heard such thing. Thanks for alarming us.

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What's worries me is the specific targeting newcomers of Zorin OS who might think it's legit/official downloads and then get infected with who knows what (ransomware/backdoors/etc.). It wasn't a just a random spam, it was targeting the Zorin community.

Just ran a quick search with duckduckgo (I'm boycotting Google) which found several "free" Zorin Ultimate download sites :fearful:

I caution people to be very careful about those sites, especially from Windows environment. When I accessed, one site immediately tried to download a file (quite sure of malicious nature) to my system.

I think at least Zorin copyright holders should complain to the internet archive site which also hosting an illegitimate copy of Zorin Ultimate. :rage: