I have only one bug left

My authentication box doesn't pop up sometimes. Did a full system check including a half hour memory test. Passed.

I use Alt+F2+r to refresh desktop and it fixes it.

9 year old Dell Optiplex 3010 w 8GBs. 3 yr old BIOS.

Rarely, my desktop icons would disappear. Had that on my old Lenovo also.

Cleaning the memory and slots with alcohol seemed to help.


sudo apt-get install --reinstall nautilus

sudo apt install --reinstall policykit-1-gnome ca-certificates

It might be that Linux/Zorin is less tolerant of old memory.

Have you tried running Memtest86+ to see if RAM is failing?

Yes. I also ran the Dell 30 memory test.

Might yank out one stick and see what happens. 4GBs is plenty.

Finally did a reinstall. Took about a half hour total. So far, so good.


Looks like a memory Leak. Try Consulting a Computer Hardware Expert for this Problem, only he can fix it permanetly and save a lot of your time :smile:


16.2 seems to have fixed it, so far. That, or installing Tiling Assistant, for some odd reason.

Still have the occasional memory glitch. Stuff disappearing or getting stuck. This on 3 old Dell and Lenovo desktops. DDR3 memory tho. Passes memory tests. Seems to be a Linux thing. I see it on distro reviews.

Found this. One click and it refreshes desktop in 3 secs.

Shell Refresh Extension.

Fixes most things.



The Shell Refresh extension works with Wayland. Odd because Alt+F2+R does not.

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