I have to hold alt+tab

i know this is a weird topic but now i have to hold alt+tab instead of pressing it once and it used to work normally but now its like this how do i fix this pls

When I hold Alt+Tab it jumps between all the options way too fast to be meaningful. I do have to hold Alt in order to keep the list of options visible, though. Then, just press Tab to switch the selection to the next program, and release all keys to focus it.

Have you installed anything or changed the keyboard settings recently? And does this persist even after restarting the computer?

Other things you can try are similar shortcuts such as Alt+` or Alt+Esc. Also try pressing Shift to reverse the order. Check if any of these combinations work as expected.

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Check Zorin menu > Settings > Accessibility.

Default settings:
Repeat Keys > On
Typing Assist > Off

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hi im sorry the pc just needed a restart

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