I have ZorinOS 16 Core Beta and i want to have a Mac type layout, same as in Zorin OS Ultimate

Zorin OS 16 Core is only available now instead of Ultimate, is there any option to make it look like MacOS

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Where did you get core? since i can only find 15.3 on website still but no 16 core. I can also find 16 beta.

Zorin OS 16 Beta is Core Edition. Here is the link:- Introducing Zorin OS 16: Test the Beta Today - Zorin
Click Download After it opens.

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Then it's a beta not just Zorin 16 Core, maybe you should add in title Zorin 16 Core Beta.

Also in OS you can change styles under settings to Mac OS layout.

WhiteSur Gtk Theme - Gnome-look.org.

I have edited the title for the OP to avoid any misunderstnding.
Keep calm everyone, Z16 Core is supposed to be released soon now.

Unfortunately, It is an option only available to Ultimate Users.

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Ultimate (and hence the MacOS Appearance) will available when Zorin 16 is released in a few weeks. If you decide to try to roll your own MacOS theme, take careful notes because the chances are good that you'll have to replicate your work when Zorin 16 is released.

Move the Taskbar "up". you may want to move and disbale some some stuff in the taskbar to get the look. then install plank and find a good theme for it on Pling, should do it.

Here's a screenshot of mine layout of Z16 beta, it may not be exactly Macos, but close enough :wink:

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Nice Desktop Bro. I have read many posts where you have answered people and it was unexpected to get an answer from you :wink:

Except the icon theme, your desktop looks like MacOS :+1:t2: