I installed Vivaldi via .deb file through 'Software' and it asks for authentication key whenever I launch it

I keep cancelling it and the browser still runs, but it keeps popping up from time to time. How to disable it asking for the key? I don't want to lose my customisation.

Screenshot from 2022-04-05 21-38-26

Are you auto-logging in to Zorin OS by chance? Vivaldi is calling the Gnome Keyring service. When using auto-login, the Gnome Keyring is not authenticated.

If you are logging in normally, perhaps you're logging in without a password?

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Yes, I have an auto-login enabled. Is there any way to have vivaldi not call the service? It works with me pressing cancel so it's not required, but it keeps popping up.

I found the option of adding --password-store=basic to the startup settings, but I cannot find how to access properties of an app on Zorin OS. I only get 'Show Details' option and then Software opens but I don't see Properties there. :confused:

Elevate File Manager to Root:

sudo -i


Naviage to "other locations > Computer"
Now, to /usr/share/applications

Scroll to the Vivaldi .desktop file in this directory and open it with Text Editor via right click.
There, you can scroll down to and edit the Exec line as shown in your guide.

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Correct. @Nero you can also, to avoid changing your filesystem, in most linux distributions, copy that .desktop file @Aravisian mentioned to a folder in your home directory here: /home/your_username/.local/share/applications

There you can modify the .desktop file and Zorin menu should pickup the changes (sometimes it takes a logout and login to pick it up).

Is there any reason to avoid changing the file system?

Annyway, it worked. Thank you, @Aravisian, much appreciated!

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@yetimaan proposes making a safer alternative by making a copy in your home directory that is controlled by your User account, instead of Root. This protects Root from changes- which is generally always preferred (even as I say this, I acknowledge that I often change things in Root... :stuck_out_tongue: )

The system looks for configurations that are stored in Home Directory First - it has priority. If you have a system theme in your home directory:
~/.themes or in ~/.local/share/themes, then it will be read first, even if you have the same copy in root: /usr/share/themes. Let's say you make a minor alteration to the same theme in Root- change a background color, for example, then reload the theme. You will not see the change, since the system defaults to the copy in your home directory.

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I removed the Solution, because, after restart, the issue is back. The Exec line remains altered, but it doesn't help anymore. I'm confused and tired. Why do other browsers cause no such issue? I also have Vivaldi log me out from some of my auto-login accounts after a restart, whereas other browsers didn't. I also didn't have this issue with Vivaldi on Windows. I much prefer it to Firefox for all the other reasons, but this is very annoying. :frowning:

I understand this feeling completely. I love Vivaldi for its customization and features.
I have given it chance after chance after undeserving chance due to this.
But I have never experienced so many problems with any browser as I have with Vivaldi.
Vivaldi has 100% burned all of its bridges with me. I wish I could use it, or find a replacement that has the features and customization it has... But it is without hope. Vivaldi has been nothing but a nightmare for me, of strange little recurring problems.

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What other browsers did you try? Opera and Brave seem to be aimed at crypto bros, Google and Edge are of no interest to me due to their politics and frankly I don't know of any more. Firefox runs like ■■■■ and its as customizable as it was when I was a teenager, if not even less.

It's an interesting question...
There are many browsers available, and the vast majority of them are clones of each other.
MS Edge, Vivaldi, Brave, Opera- all are built off of Google-Chrome. Some allow more user customization than others, with Vivaldi offering the most and Opera offering the least.
Your choices come down to Chrome Clones or FireFox Clones.
It's frustrating, to say the least.

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