I Installed Zorin OS Pro but looks like Zorin OS 16.2 free, How can i check if have the Pro Edition?

I paid to download zorin pro but when I check the version it only says zorin os 16.2. Is zorin os 16.2 the same as pro?

If by checking the version, you mean running something like NeoFetch, it will simply say "Zorin OS 16.2"
It does not carry the Pro name.

Do you show the additional layouts like the Mac Style Layout?


Was the ISO you flashed to your flash drive like 2.9-3GBs or more than that?

If it is significantly more than 3GBs (I think it is like 5GB) you used the Pro version and should be fine


This is a very common problem so not to worry ..... same thing happened to me and both of the above posts should solve your problem I know it did mine .... :+1:

Gday @hwally , Welcome to the community!

Please look at this link to identify if you have Zorin OS pro.

This is Zorin OS Core, as an example, in "Graphics" as standard in Core.

You could also use the Checksum to verify,

Hope this helps.


@hwally You should always verify the checksum of downloaded .iso against published value before installing. That way you avoid attempting to install the wrong or corrupted .iso.

Essential pre-installation guidance can be found here: Before you install

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The download was 5.4 GBs. Thank you for the quick and simple response.

Thank you. I did verify the checksum.

Thank you for the detailed and thoughtful response. I checked like you suggested and I am running Pro. By reading through the forum I see you are someone who can be counted on for a knowledgeable response. Hope to encounter you again.

When other users come to this Topic for help,
The Solution isn't very helpful!
What size will the next Version of Zorin OS Pro be?

Glad you could fix the issue.

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