I installed zorin os with encryption , i dont want to type security every time i login

i installed zorin os with encryption , becuz anyone can change password from grub menu , but i dont want to type security key every time i login , is there anyway to escape it

I suspect not. You might be better purchasing 2 YUBI keys. This means that your system will not boot without the presence of the YUBI key.

Not exactly what you want, and only works if your device is not shared with other users, but have you considered setting your account to auto-login? That way you only enter the password during boot for the encryption and not a second time after boot, but you still have an account password for locking the screen and authenticating stuff.

Well, I assume it would work that way, I have never used an auto-login account, but I surely it only auto-logins at boot and still requires password if you then lock the screen, right...

When encrypted you have a login for the drive and then there is the login for the OS. He can set the auto-login for the OS but not for the drive. Only choice is to reinstall with encryption enabled. By setting the OS for auto-login, you would only have to use your password for the drive and then the OS would boot up automatically.

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