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I installed Zorin Pro, can i switch to Zorin Lite?

I installed Zorin Pro on my MacPro 2012, and have issues with keyboard working, so i want to try to give a try to Zorin Lite.
How do i do that?
Can i use the same booted USB, i think it included Lite, or how do i switch?

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I would stay certain.
Download Zorin OS Lite from the emailed Download Link and create a Bootable USB.

Boot into the LiveUSB and **Test Zorin Lite out... See how things work a bit...

If you decide you'd like to continue testing in a full environment, Install by whatever option you most are comfortable with. You can overwrite Zorin OS completely - or choose to install Along Side...


@Gdaiva1 Ah, now we know you do have ZorinOS Pro. So also see this:

You have choice of Lite or Pro Lite.


working on it, will let you know how it goes, thank you

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I re-installed Lite and there was an option for Machintosh keyboard, but still doesnt work, so im going to try Elementry next, they promote for mac users, so will see, if i can use my Mac then :relieved:, disapointed with Linux, and i paid for Zorin and Elementary, but oh well, hoping the Elementary will work

Thank you guys for your help!

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Have you considered sending an email directly to the staff for tech support? I forgot exactly how to do that but I remember having that option with Z15 ultimate and I’m sure you have that option with Z16 pro.
It may be worth a shot.

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I did, they said the same:try to change the layout, etc, which i already did before

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OMG, on Elementary no Wi-Fi ...!?
My Linux journey... :sweat_smile:

OMG, i found out how to copy/paste!!! :sweat_smile:
it Control+C, Control+V.

Now, i need to figure out how to correct spelling and take a screenshot


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