I just want to thank ZORIN

You guys and girls are amazing. I don't think you know how amazing you make peoples day. You do what you do for free. You labour and you add to peoples lives. You matter, and make change. All as if the only thing that matters is that you're doing what you are doing. Thank you. My computer shipped with ZorinOS installed and I've never regretted a day of it. I LOVE linux, but ZorinOS has changed everything for me. It just so WORKS. It just so computes. It is butter on bread. I almost want to be Irish because I found out Zorin is. LOL. Thanks to all of you who do Zorin everyday. Who make it happen. You people have made an incredible accomplishment. Hats off!


Are there Zorin girls?



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Girls are a myth. Don't fall for it!


Even imaginary girls are a myth :stuck_out_tongue:


What is a g i r l s? I'm confused by the concept?!

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What tangent did I inadvertently start, here?

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We do appreciate your appreciation. I for one am not looking for this, i find the solution is rewarding enough for me, but hearing a thanks is inspiring that I've made a difference.

It isn't often we find someone recognizing our sacrifice, compromise and dedication to the OS and community we support. It is a labor of love, that we wish to help those unable or unfamiliar with the OS. I do not speak for everyone, though i feel that most would agree with me if not empathize.

The credit of the community belongs to its members and their ever present willingness to assist any and all who ask.

The credit of the OS is purely the developer's for coding a solid system, adding features requested and that they thought would be enjoyed.

Uruuc, you are a part of the very thing you congratulate. Of course it's up to you, but feel free to learn, join in and be one of the many dedicated to assisting and improving the experience and understanding. Helping others is one of the best teachers you will ever encounter. Thank you for your kind words.