I like zorin better than windows

i can do most stuff from windows and it more safer than windows i think i cant do everything from windows but i can do most stuff anyway which is still good i may of lost my windows software but it is worth it i think so my self beats windows because windows 10 wont be supported in 5 years from now so i got linux i been omost on here for a week now so many good software for linux that is free


In my country many using Zorin or Pop Os.

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I am glad you like Zorin OS better then Windows. I agree, Zorin is better then Windows. The more you get used to Zorin OS, the more you become comfortable with it. Congrats.


i hope it work for me dont know if it will or not but it seems to be working very well

Congrats on making the switch! Yeah there are some differences to get use to, but overall I think it's better too. It's fast, light on resources, customizable, and the layout is well put together. Gotta admit I liked Windows 11 look and feel, and I miss some of the software I had, but it's a good trade off in the long run.

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If I stop playing some games on win then i can switch to linux. W11 some client want that and I must sayed this system have many forbids. System choice what you can not you. Linux gived you a choice nothing forbids. Many distribution for novice,intermediate and expert distribution linux. That is great. :slight_smile:

I like zorin better than windows

So do I but I started with Linux in 1999 and exclusive at 2004 - Then again I haven't tried Windows other than at work, so I can't say that I gave Windows a good try.

i just installed the brave from software

I don't remember when i starter with Linux. It was when Ubuntu was on CD plate from pc newspaper. It was first distribution Ubuntu.

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