I lost the email which belongs to my original account

I forgot which email I used to sign up on this forum (forum.zorin.com) and can't reset the password for the username because I don't receive any emails. Can you change the username of my old account so I can get the correct username? The username is mangosaftlama and I registered my account back then in 2021.

Is it possible that you tell me my email address?

Although I escalated your request to the ZorinGroup, you also can send a direct message to Azorin or zorink to make your request, as well.
Please allow some time for this to be addressed.

How can I send a direct message to them?

In future, you can open your Direct Messaging on this forum and then address it to Azorin and/or zorink in order to contact the developers with a bug report or forum issue.

I directed attention to this thread in the moderator forum....), but getting a full DM from you directly with your details may be more helpful as well as ensuring your account privacy.

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