I must've been living under a rock

Hey everybody!
how is life going? I'm happy because I'll be finally upgrading from my A9-9420 (a cpu with 2 cores and 2 threads, with 2.8ghz clock) to an intel n100 (4core 4threads, 3.4ghz clock) and from 3gb RAM to 16 gb!
But, going back to the topic's subject: I have never tried zorin os 17 until now. That is because I'm waiting for the 17 lite version.
May I ask you all if you know what differences will be added in the lite version?
(=what changes between the current xfce version on zorin os 16 and the one that'll be adopted in 17 lite?)

I'm using zorin lite too, i think the most important changes is zorin lite 17 will be based on Xubuntu 22.04,which all repo of apps will be used the new versions, that mean when u install apps using apt-get , u will get the new version of the apps.
and u will be able to run the apps that require the new dependences libraries
what's new in xfce, thunar have some improvements, u can search directly in it instead of using catfish separately as nemo does and as the file explorer in windows does. thunar also add split view and bookmark and color folder and preview of pic etc, but still thunar can't improve the ugly long name in the icon view.
also there is improvement in the calendar in xfce, it will be better and has all functions:date ,time and alarm and event etc.
there also improvement in the dependencies these used by xfce .
for the zorin lite team, i think may they add some advantages like improving the zorin lite menu to have more search places , may also do improving in the software store as they have done in zorin core 17.

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Zorin Lite will use the Xfce (4.18) desktop environment. So if you look up what Xfce is all about, you will get a general idea of what it will be like. However, Zorin, like many developers, will customize it to their liking to provide a certain look. If you can see Zorin Lite 16.3, it will be very similar. Zorin Lite 16.3 is still supported and very much current so you can check that out to get a good grasp of what Zorin 17 will be like.


I recently came to know about xfce4-about . It shows your system informations like OS name & type, xfce version, cpu and ram. It has a Graphical User Inetrface but I don't understand why it's not present in settings or in applications menu section. I manually added a launcher for it. But it would be nice if it's launcher added in the app menu section by default.

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