I need instructions on how to run a windows program that could be dangerous/potentially malware

I need instructions on how to run a windows program that could be dangerous/potentially malware. Doe zorin already run windows programs containerized? is that sufficient? and if not please advise. Also, I mine as well ask about specific linux programs that are potentially dangerous/malware, how can i containerize them,etc?


Why would you want to do such a thing? You could potentially make your machine a relay for viruses. As my Dad always said, "If in doubt, don't!"

"Why would you want to do such a thing? "

For example, there are programs i need that I cant accomplish what i need to do without them, but their sources are unknown, or potentially dangerous/untrustworthy. For example, its hard to find a decent pdf editor, all in one for linux. But i can find some for windows, but their source is dodgy.

Also, pdf's can have malware & it is recommended to open them in virtual machine.

Use LibreOffice Calc,
If it doesn't open correctly.
Goto: File/Wizards/Document Convert,
Select " excel ", & save.
Now open the excel file in LibreOffice Calc.

Hope this helps

This is like on Windows, Linux aslo doesn't like unknown/unsigned apps, & will show this alert.
Alternatively Use a VM, other than online virus scanners

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I use Zorin OS because I don't think there is a safe way to use Windows OS and apps.


@Hackgets , interesting, what do u mean by "safe" & "unsafe"? Please elaborate.

Windows has literally been patched to enhance security, making the system more complex and limiting user privileges. Still, there are no signs that threats to Windows are going away.


what is so dangerous about windows? and windows apps? compared to Zorin?

You can use Zorin for such things, but the danger here is the lack of knowledge and experience, your best bet is to use Virtual Box, or gnome boxes on ZorinOS and install windows/linux in there and test the apps there. But some malware has been shown to be able to jump the vm barrier, and some detect they are in vm's and do nothing. Plus you have the above mentioned things, such as unknowingly passing off malware, this si why i always use clamAv on my linux installs.

If you want something that will run everything containerized check out qubesos, but be warned it is annoying af imho


Try yourself. That is your answer.

@Ocka ,

Select " excel ", & save.
Now open the excel file in LibreOffice Calc.

Should i select an input file first?? Are you telling me to convert
a pdf file to excel? I am confused. Libreoffice wont open pdf files,
despite the fact that i've been told it will edit pdfs.

@Ocka ,

Alternatively Use a VM

okay, thank you.
Can you please give me instructions on the safest VM to use
on Zorin? for windows programs & linux programs?

vmware player is free and good. I use it in Zorin to install windows and run apps.

Using Vm's is really easy in Zorin, Check to see if VirtualBox is already pe-installed on your install (im running Pro 16.2). If not its in the software center. You will need a windows 10/11 Iso (free from Microsoft) and if you want to test Linux Apps a Zorin Iso.
Screenshot from 2023-03-09 09-01-05

Instead of re-writing it, here is a good guide on a first VM build

Windows 11 Download
Select this option for an iso

Don't worry about activation keys, MS allows you to use windows 10/11 with a watermark and limited features (desktop customization's) for free, which is fine since this is a test environment and you are not a business

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Becasue of the tpm requirements, you will need to do this when installing win11 on vBox

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In terms of how malicious or not an app, Linux distros(in this case Zorin OS) already handled it in a best way possible. The reason is bcs the apps that you want to install are available in the distro repo(s). As long as you install all your apps from the repository, they are considered safe and not malicious, more especially Open Source licensed apps ones. Zorin OS is a linux distro based on Ubuntu (and Debian) which means all the softwares are in .deb package format. This package format is so common to find in the internet just like .exe and .msi are in my opinion. So I recommend you to not download and install .deb packaged softwares from untrusted websites.

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If you want to do a virtualization, I can recommend you gnome-boxes. It's safe and easy to use for average computer users. It's not as advance as virtualbox and Oracle's VMWare, but could do virtualization as good as these two. It is an app that was made by the GNOME Desktop Environment team. I'm currently having XtremeLiteOS 10(Custom Win 10 ISO) inside it.

If you are trying to used 'cracked' .exe programs then this is illegal. If you want a quality product, then look at pdfStudioPro:

You get a free trial - it does everything Adobe Acrobat does for a fifth of the price and you are supporting a project that provides an application for GNU/Linux.
pdf's can't be edited in LibreOffice - they just show up in LibreOffice Draw.
I have managed to get FlexiPDF to work under Wine and is a cheaper option, but I only used it to open pdf's not edit. Another option would be to use Okular to extract the contents of a pdf into LibreOffice Writer then export to pdf.

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Yes you will need to open a file to do this !!!
LibreOffice Writer-will read & create PDF file.
LibreOffice Draw-will edit PDF with limits.
LibreOffice Calc-will Edit PDF file's <<<
^^^^ If the PDF form isn't lining up correctly.
Then convert file to excel. & reopen as .xltx ( excel file) with LibreOffice Calc..
You can Export the .xltx file to a .pdf file when finished.
All done within LibreOffice suite.

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