I need some help

I deleted my home folder doing rm -rf * on it.
Don't ask why...Now I need to recover it
(since deleting i didn't shutdown, if it can help)

@Aravisian Please, I'm struggling...20g of data removed...

I can only suggest attempting to recover what pieces of data you can with a recovery software like DiskDigger. If you can disconnect the drive and connect it to another computer and run DiskDigger, even better.
There is no UnDo function for the rm -rf command, not in Mac, not in Windows and not in Linux.
It is a command best used with Great Caution.

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This is why it good to run the Backups app that Comes with Zorin which backs up Home. You can also use TimeShift to get Windows style system restore. Takes up a lot of space tho so have a spare HDD for this stuff. Install Zorin on an SSD.

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I guess it is possible to recover the "Home" folder but any data that was there is permanently gone....
Sorry for your loss....I hope you did not lose any important files. :cry:

I have once the same problem. I solved it with R-Studio. https://www.rstudio.com/

I'm reinstalling right now, but I have only a zorin os core iso downloading and I prefer not to redownload it...So can I install the zorin os lite desktop in core?
And, can I, on core, do

sudo apt install zorin-os-lite-desktop && sudo apt remove --purge zorin-os-desktop
?? @Aravisian

Yes, you can, though I would recommend only doing

sudo apt install zorin-os-lite-desktop

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