I need to edit a PDF what do you recommend for zorin?

I need to edit a PDF what do you recommend for zorin (other than Acrobat)?

Foxit, is what I use.


My wife uses Master PDF Editor. If she gets tired of it, I’ll put her on Foxit next.


I’m also looking for a pdf reader which is fast and has good annotation/commenting features. I just tried Foxit - it’s fast and has basic annotation features, but it seems unrefined. The annotation features are too basic for me, and it has some usage quirks that I dislike (e.g. it creates an extra start tab on opening of every file, and it closes a tab if you double-click on it).

I also tried PDF Studio Viewer (by Qoppa), but it was slower than I liked.

Before Linux, I used PDF Xchange Editor (by Tracker Software), which is the best pdf software I’ve ever used, but they don’t make a Linux version.

So I’m still looking. Time to try out Master PDF Editor.

I had asked a similar question when I first migrated to Linux (to Zorin OS) back in 2019
Zorinantwerp suggested Polar.
It is only available in the Snap Store by Canonical - Ubuntu… So I searched it out and found that Polar has a .deb on their page

At the time I tested, I found it to be much faster than Evince and libreDraw

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Do I need to type anything into terminal after downloading it?

You have a variety of options to install the .deb file. You can simply double click it to start the Installer. Or, you can right click it and choose your installer; such as install with gdebi or install with Software channel.
Or, you can open your terminal and

cd ~/Downloads

sudo dpkg -i polar-desktop-app-2.0.103-amd64.deb

If you opted for the App Image instead of the .deb file, you can Right Click the App Image, go to the Properties, then checkmark “Allow executing as a program.”

If you opt for the tar.gz, you would need to extract it, then configure, make and install.


In terminal go to the directory it resides and type

sudo dpkg -i <package-name>.deb

When you start typing the package name you can hit tab to have the terminal finish it for you, just verify it before hitting enter


Thanks for the installation instructions. I tried to install .deb packages for both Master PDF Editor and POLAR through the terminal, but I get the error “package architecture (amd64) does not match system (i386)”. I’m guessing they are only meant for 64-bit systems. (The Master PDF Editor website seems to say I need “Qt 5”, whatever that means.)

Ah, sorry. Did not realize that you were on 32bit.

Uh… Not really sure which packages still come with 32bit support.
QT5 is an environment toolkit, predominantly KDE.
Apps written using QT5 can be used on Windows, and almost any distro. But you would need to ensure you have necessary QT files. VLC is a QT based app as an example.
You can try this link for 32bit Master PDF

Sadly, I cannot find a 32bit package for Polar.
If you are curious, you can check out PDFStudio in 32bit

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Polar is a 1GB download, I have less than half that space remaining on my hard drive. Something way lighter would suffice.

uh… I am not sure. If you only have 1/2 a gig of space on your drive…

Thanks! I think Master PDF Editor is a keeper.

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