I need to upgrade from Z15 to Z16 because

...actually, I’m just trying to see how many people really need a kernel upgrade (not think they need but actually do need). My first attempt at a poll, so feel free to laugh.

  • Need newer kernel
  • Bored

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Let me be the first to vote on this poll. I own MSI GE76-231 high performance gaming notebook from 1rst quarter 2021. Zorin OS 15.3 uses the 5.8 kernel, and as such, would give me problems trying to use my computer.

Zorin OS 16 uses the 5.11 kernel, and thankfully, it is new enough, to be able to interface with my hardware, in this high performance notebook.

Because Zorin OS 16 wasn't going to be ready for literally another year, as it was delayed, I was forced to switch to POP OS, and that was POP OS 20.10 at that time. I needed an OS that would work well for my gaming machine, and for the most part it did.

I eventually upgraded POP OS to 21.04, and had it running on this computer for nearly an entire year, that is, well, untill I screwed it up by doing something stupid. But in all honestly, the experience was only 95% perfect, I had a few issues.

By then Zorin OS 16 was already released, and I was already using it on my old Acer dual core computer. Seeing how well it ran on such an old computer, I decided to try it on my new computer, with much success.

The 5.11 kernel is what makes using my 1rst quarter 2021 computer possible. And for that, I am very thankful to the Zorin brothers. And of course, all this discussion, is about the gnome version of Zorin OS.

I've had some deal breaker issues with Zorin OS LITE back in December, and I haven't booted into it, updated it, and tested it since. However, if I can stop being lazy and stop procrastinating, I'd like to get around doing that.

This way I can make a final decision on which version of Zorin OS 16, I'd like to stay permanently on, for gaming and production. Great poll Carmar, love it! :grin:


Thanks, ST. And thanks to all other voters. I fell under ‘Bored’ (I did install 16 on some of my machines) but my daily driver will stay Z15 for a long time. I want chromium apt as my backup browser and Z16 only offers snap. There are other reasons too for my staying on 15 (daily driver performance being the main one actually).

A lot of people with newer hardware, from the results. But I suspect that the majority of repeated questioners about the upgrade path likely belong to the ‘Bored’ category based on their posts.

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