I Need Your Help!

I Have planned to Make My own OS Based On Linux and Debian for my college project and I need your help to make how to make a custom os if you know anything then please comment or freely share it with me!

There are many guides you can search on steps to making a Distro. It is quite involved...
But simply put:

  • Choose a base. You have said you settled on Debian.
  • Choose a default Desktop Environment.
  • Choose what applications you wish to include.
  • Choose a package management system.
  • Choose what modifications you wish to make that makes this distro unique, usable and user-friendly.
  • Create an .iso for it.

You might look at:

and like reading wikipedia, look for further in-depth information on any confusing or vague parts.
As a college project, this may be a one-time distro. So do not take yourself or it too seriously.
But you never know... you might end up making a career out of it, too.

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That is a bold adventure ...... good luck and keep us informed on how you are progressing .....

Hope it goes well.

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You can finding on YouTube channel kernotex he explaining how to building Linux distribution from Linux from Scratch.


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