I only get wifi when my VPN is turned on?


I have proton vpn installed and everything was working fine until today. The computer xps 13 7390 2in1 froze and I had to shut it down and after that my internet was gone.
I was able to use timeshift and that fixed it for a while and now I wanted to run some updates and after turning my computer off I had lost my wifi connection again. Now when I turn the Proton VPN on I actually have internet. as soon as I turn it off my connection doesn't work anymore.

I found an old thread and even followed these steps mention on Protons page How to manually disable IPv6 on Linux - Proton VPN Support but when I got to point 3) make the system read the file I got stuck and had to abord mission.
Can anyone help please?

In what manner did you get stuck?

The "problem" you are having is with the killswitch. Which isn't a problem but exactly how it is designed to work. Did you read on Protons website how all the "features" work? You may want to follow the links on Proton here. There are whole sections on the two types of killswitch they use.

I highly suggest instead of using these apps you just use the native vpn networking support already built into your system that works with minimal effort. And turning off IPv6 is as simple as clicking a button when you use what's already in your system.

I didnt know that there is a native VPN coming with zorin. Can I set it to different countries? As I am in Mexico but most often want to use YT and other websites in the US? Can I just delete ProtonVPN and where do I find the native VPN please? Thanks

OpenVPN comes with Zorin OS.
You can check in terminal:

openvpn --version


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Hi Hdky, what is meant here with native VPN, is to manually set up a VPN within the operating system settings, using the login details from a VPN service (commercial, free or privately operated).

So you would for example use Proton VPN servers, if they support such a manual setup.

There is no ready to use VPN service provided by Zorin OS.

However, the benefit of using a VPN in such manner is that you have more control over what is happening to your connection and potentially prevent issues such as what you’re experiencing. (Probably a kill switch thing as mentioned by @DeanG )

On the other hand VPN apps may offer additional functionality.

Yes, it is in settings - network.

You appear as from any country whichever openvpn file you use for that country.

Protonvpn has the openvpn file and the username/pwd you use right in your settings when you login on the web. Upload that file, enter in the username/pwd, done. You are free then to shut off IPv6 easily and no more killswitch unless you want to have such then there is coding you can run for such, but I highly suggest you don't.

Hi, So I have successfully connected openvpn with proton using terminal and now the last step in proton says to keep terminal open otherwise it will disconnect?!? WHAT. I just want to have the nice little toggle that I had in my taskbar. IS that not possible?

Also when I look into adding it to my network it doesn't show up and I have no clue how to find the gateway and the certificates and all that jazz. ? any help would be much appreciated.

With OpenVPN, you get he always on feature, but no killswitch.
With ProtonVPN, you must pay for the service to get those, I believe.

Why did you use the terminal? There was nothing you needed to do in the terminal, nothing.

Even on Proton's own website it shows you how to setup the entire vpn using the network settings right in Gnome which is what you have. Since you already have the openvpn installed natively, you skip that part and move down.

Correct, as it states because of the way you're implementing it. You're skipping over all the other instructions and following this way of using the vpn.

Once again, this is given to you in the instructions on Proton. They tell you exactly where to find this information as I have above. You need to login to Proton, under VPN settings you will find the files and the username/pwd you use for VPN, it is different than your regular username/pwd.

Stop fiddling with the terminal, stop trying to use their app. If you're on a free account what you can do is limited anyhow.

Go to Proton's website, login, go to your VPN settings - download and grab the files you want. Click on Account - Openvpn username. Leave that tab open.

Go to your settings - network - add a new openvpn profile - upload the file- enter your username/pwd .. done. You can then go in and shut off IPv6 and do whatever you want. Your little toggle to turn it on/off will be in your taskbar, just click on your network icon and voila there it is. Easy Peasy... Took me mere minutes from start to finish.

Haha, yep I did skip that because I didnt think I had this network on my computer installed. It looked different on the images ( old version I guess. ) Thanks I will follow the steps you recommended :slight_smile:

Oh my god, that was so easy. I just wish they would make a total noob understand this more because in zorin it all looks different and is under settings and so forth. Thanks for the help.

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Because Proton is using an older version for pictures, you can't always go by what the pictures look like in instructions, it's the same in Windows.

Very Welcome!!


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