I think i found why the mouse start stuttering in Zorin OS

Hi, i just discover that my mouse start stuttering in Zorin OS when i plug a USB Harddrive with a lot of pic files. Maybe is have something to do with a process creating thumbnails? When i remove the hard drive the problem persist but i dont see anything strange in the system monitor.

Any ideas?

Are you using Bluetooth or USB wireless mouse?

Sometimes USB 3.0 connected device can interfere with signal required for USB mouse. If that is the case, it might help to connect mouse on the opposite side USB port from other USB device.

The same thing can happen for Bluetooth. For example, Intel ComputeStick is notorious for this signal interference and I had to chose between USB 3 and Bluetooth.

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When this happened to me, I unplugged the mouse from the USB hub and plugged it directly into the computer USB port to resolve the problem.

i have a wireless mouse with a dongle, logitech M170!

I use the front USB port

And your external drive?
Is it SSD or HDD?
Is it bus powered or it has its own power supply?
If it is running on the power from USP port alone, it could cause instability due to insufficient power. Do you have any powered USB port to test?

Also perhaps some of these experiences can help:

Its a HDD, is usb powered. This usb hard has like 1000k files, pics, movies, subtitles, and so much garbage files hehe

If that is the case, I would check the shortage of power. I myself gave up using external HDDs just for that reason and completely switched to SSD some years ago.

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