I told the AI to create a specific picture

... and this is what it came up with after promting it with information. I think we doesn't have to be scared it will take over artists jobs. It's far from perfect.
It's for my Pathfinder game character creation I made this with help from AI.

This one is hideous abomination

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I like the expression on the snakes face in the second image.

The concept of Artificial Intelligence is that it is intelligence (Sentient, thinking, able to consider independent thought...) created by human designers in computing.

What we are calling "A.I." today is a misuse of the wording.
"You keep using this word... I do not think it means what you think it means."

Todays developments of A.I. use statistical trends to give a one-off guess as to an outcome. They cannot think about the factors involved. They cannot consider them or reject some parameters as nonsensical.
They are not sentient.
They are artificial... but they are not intelligent.

As a fun exercise, a person can open ChatGPT and ask it some questions, then begin asking chatGPT what it thinks about certain feelings on the topic. It takes some prodding, but it shouldn't take much for ChatGPT to clarify that it has zero thoughts. That it does not think, at all. That it does not even exist as a persona nor have any independent being; it is an illusion crafted by analyzing trends, crunching the output and then displaying it in a familiar chatty way.

ChatGPT is not self-aware. It is programmed to provide an honest response.

ChatGPT is not intelligent. Do not rely on it for providing any kind of individuality or for providing the correct answers. It is not always wrong, either. It is often correct. But it cannot know the difference between when it is correct and when it is not.

It is not junk, either. ChatGPT is useful for use as a brainstorming tool. Before doing a bit of creative writing or an essay or an article, ChatGPT can be very helpful to a person to stay concise, gather and organize their thoughts, test reception, test their writing for problems, correct grammar and spelling...
But making ChatGPT write the essay for you will likely not end well.
ChatGPT's writing style is easily recognizable and it remains the same with every output.
Using it as a tool to do a job for you will likely fail.

But using it as a tool to augment how you perform, your perceptions and biases, get ideas from and test your ideas is very useful.

Is "A.I." a threat?

I do not believe that current "A.I." is a humanist threat. The works of SciFi like to paint some inaccurate images of its own. Even future developments that may lead to Self-Aware A.I. do not present particularly threatening concepts, but they do reflect Our Fears.
However, can A.I. be a threat to employment? Absolutely. Even the modern current A.I. can do things faster, better and cheaper replacing entire job markets without any field to replace them with.
Historically, technological advancements brought a replacement field when they usurped a job market. The advent of the automobile brought new jobs in automotive, replacing jobs as horse caretakers and carriage builders.
A.I. takes the job market, but does not bring about a practical replacement field, due to the job market for A.I. developer being a small market. This disparity can be called a threat.
Replace artists?
Not likely.
Replace actors?
Not any time soon.

Replace the majority of remote or rote jobs? Oh yes, definitely. Using its model to statistically analyze trends, A.I. can replace large swaths of jobs in programming, market research, advertising, data gathering and data analysis, querying, and many many more with no jobs toward the ousted employees.

And the most surprising thing is: This should have already happened large scale.
It hasn't. And there are two bewildering reasons why it hasn't:
Many companies opted to not go that route since the bad P.R. from doing so would probably cost them more than the A.I. benefits.

The second one was because A.I. told them not to. While that is a simplistic sentence, it is true enough. Many companies ran simulations through A.I. to determine the outcomes and the results were that the outcome would be devastating to the global economy and quality of life. The A.I. concluded that it was a bad idea.

...at present.

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