I want install wine 8.0

when i'm install wine is got only 6.0.3 i want 8.0 because some software that require 8.0 please help me

Open Terminal.
Ensure you have 32bit arch support installed;

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386

Add the repository key:

wget -qO - https://dl.winehq.org/wine-builds/winehq.key | sudo apt-key add - 

Install the Focal repository (Do Not install Jammy):

sudo apt-add-repository 'deb Index of /wine-builds/ubuntu focal main'

Update sources and install:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install --install-recommends winehq-stable

Ensure you have wine 8:

wine --version

how to fix it

sudo -i


"Other locations" > "Computer"
Right click it and choose to Open with > Text Editor.
Ensure that Line Numbers are shown in the text editor settings.
Look at line number 58.

If line 58 is the repository we just added - compare and double check it for missing characters or typos.

please type for me i will copy

Ah, I see the issue. The forum autoparsed the line.
Completely remove line 58 and save the file.
Then, run:

sudo apt-add-repository 'deb [Index of /wine-builds/ubuntu](https://dl.winehq.org/wine-builds/ubuntu/) focal main'


Following the instructions from the website seems to work fine, just make sure you are using the Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa) repository.



Thanks for help me

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