I want to install protonup but i dont know where my steam for this one thing

this thing


Set your installation directory before running the program with -d "your/compatibilitytools.d/directory"


protonup -d "~/.steam/root/compatibilitytools.d/"

i been trying to install protonup for the past few hours
here is the site im trying to install from 

i just got to install

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I dont even use proton up or the terminal. Just download the "original" files from here

Extract the files in this location ~/.steam/root/compatibilitytools.d/(proton folder here)

Fire up steam and make sure you have enabled proton

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oh ok my way is better

How is that better when you need to use terminal commands ? i download a file and unpack it. I am done when you are still typing the terminal commands.

So true, especially with fast net. Go to Github, find your DEB, download it with great anticipation. Extract it, install it, and you'll be happy.


Eh, I do not agree. I would be done typing the terminal commands long before.
Just opening the GUI manager takes longer.

cd Downloads
wget https://github.com/GloriousEggroll/proton-ge-custom/releases/download/6.8-GE-2/Proton-6.8-GE-2.tar.gz
mkdir -p ~/.steam/root/compatibilitytools.d/
tar -xf Proton-6.8-GE-2.tar.gz 
mv Proton-6.8-GE-2 ~/.steam/root/compatibilitytools.d/

Just change the Proton version. I took this from my Pathfinder guide.



How do you know which version you need to type ? You have to look on the internet first right ?

You can always check a projects github pages: Releases · GloriousEggroll/proton-ge-custom · GitHub

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I see, so you look over the version number and write everything in terminal. While you are at the page and can simply click on it to download and extract it to the desired folder.

Maybe i am just stupid but how is that faster then using my way ? I really dont understand why people prefer the terminal for this.

It's easier with the written language to use commands on eg. forums than you have to click here, move the mouse there etc. it can be fault to miscommunication. With commands you can give the exact guidance.

Edit: Now I'm off to Play Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

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