I want to use my large external moniitor

I am new on this forum and I decided to switch over from Windows 10 to Zorin. My problem is that I am unable to add my large monitor to Zorin. I tried everything without success. I am hoping that someone can help me with this. My eyesight is not too good at my age and I need an external monitor to see what I am doing. It was easy to add it to Windows 10 but not easy to add here. If anyone can please help me with this, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks and I hope I will receive an answer to this problem. I have other questions but I will post it a little later.


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Hi ezymel, and welcome to the forum. Please can you peovide a little more information like the make and model of your computer and make and model of external monitor. Also can you advise how the monitor is connected e.g., VGA, HDMI, or depending on port on computer, Display port.


Hi and welcome !

Not a Linux expert, but to quote your post :

[quote="ezymel, post:1, topic:24589"]
I tried everything without success. [/quote]

Can you be a tad more specific an describe what you've done precisely, to help understand what you've done and what might have gone amok, please ? Like : is it a VGA or HDMI display, what's your computer etc...

No doubt answers will flow more easily after that.

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Without more information it is hard to give a good answer but I have done the same with my laptop. There should be a function key on your laptop to turn on the external monitor function. Also if you are running Cinnamon DE you need to go settings and then display and turn on the button for mirroring the display.


If you can please provide some more info as swarfendor437 and JMBL asked for more help. Meanwhile, I'll tell what I know:

Assuming that your cable and connectors aren't broken (both of the computer and the external monitor), once you plug both devices you should soon see your screen, otherwise hold Start logo and press P to cycle through the 4 different projection modes (see only computer screen, see only external screen, merge screens or see both screens), hold the logo and press P to cycle between each one. You can also have a range outage as I had with my laptop, my actual screen resolution didn't fit the TV format or whatever and so the TV said OUT OF RANGE. But you should fix it choosing a higher or lower resolution, according to your actual one.


What video card do you have?
I think it is a graphics problem...