I Would Love To Switch From Windows To Zorin Pro But .

As the title says, I would love to switch from windows to Zorin Pro but sods law, the one little windows program I use every single day will not run on Zorin.

I am a web developer and use a local server for development. I use a little utility called USBwebserver, which allows me to keep a local server on a USB.

Everything else I use works just fine on Zorin but whenever I try to fire up USBWebserver I get nothing.

Any ideas how I can get this exe to run?

download to the exe here https://usbwebserver.yura.mk.ua/

Have you researched Abyss?

I cannot find much on this, but did come across this:

I have never heard of USBWebserver but it looks like it's out of date: last update on 2017 and using PHP7.1 (reached end of life a couple of years back).

I'm sure you have good reasons to keep using it, however I would suggest running a local development server inside a docker container. No USB device needed which means you can share and download your environment from any computer, and there are any number of versions available for you to use.

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Thanks, will take a look at those.

I keep USBWebserver updated with latest PHP version, I use it because it is so easy and fast and my projects are backed up to a usb.
I will take a look at your advice on running a local server inside docker container.

That's good to know, it's always scary to deal with out of date software :smiley: The nice thing about Docker is that official images made by the developers of PHP, Apache, PHPMyAdmin, etc, are provided and maintained so you don't really have to do that yourself unless you have some specific requirements, that is.

By the way, if you try solutions by Aravisian I'd be interested to know if they worked.


Point of interest: I think yours is the better suggestion.


I'm still curious though as Zorin is my go-to distribution when installing it for other people used to Windows. And while I haven't run into this particular issue it's always good to know that things work smoothly (as they have so far in my experience).

You could also try to use AMPPS, which also runs from a USB Flashdrive, just use a Web-Browser to access the related data. AMPPS could be found HERE.

AMPPS is developed and serviced by Softaculous which provides a very good service as well, even online and in a direct chat.

I use AMPPS mainly for PHP development for years for free. It's fast and lightweight.

I haven't tested it with Zorin because I still have some problems with Zorin Installations using 2 OSes on the same HDD/SDD.

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it doesn't work with wine?

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