Icon change causing login loop

Hey guys, I finally found out what was causing my login loop problems on my new install: my custom icons.

I like to manually change some icons on the system, and I do this when I first set up the OS. These are the steps I take: in the "Main Menu" application, I select an application, double click on its icon and select a new one from some custom ones I make (mostly edits from Papirus icons svgs).

Doing the above creates new .deskop files at ~/.local/share/applications. Deleting those .deskop files from tty solves the problem and I am able to login.

So, before I go trying to figure out exactly which icon causes the issue: What is the proper way to change individual icons (without changing the entire icon pack)? Is there another (better) way to do this? I love the Zorin OS icons, but I would like to change some of them.

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