Icon packs not applying for some apps

Hello. As the title says, my icon packs are not applying for some apps. I think the icon pack does contain an icon for the apps for which the icons are missing example: telegram desktop. I faced the same problem when I was using Zorin 15.3. The apps in which the icons does not change are the apps which I installed form software store or through terminal. But for some reason, icon of one app I installed from terminal called blanket changes icon if I change the icon pack.

Here is a picture for you to understand the problem I am facing

Screenshot from 2021-09-03 11-42-03

I am using Zorin OS 16 Core.
Thanks in advance.

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I can see it's from one of my icon themes you're talking about.
If you installed an app from the store that are snap package you need to manually apply the icons. You can do it by the menu editor or by terminal;


Otherwise list the icon you're missing.


Thank you for helping.


Hey, I am missing one icon. An icon for sayonara player

Download this an unpack it. Put the two icons in the icon themes /Apps/Scalable folder


Thankyou :grinning:


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