Icon Width

In, for example, the files pages the icon for each file needs to be expanded so that the text below each file is readable. How are they expanded, individually and/or globally? Thanks

Can you please post a screenshot showing what it is you are describing?

Thanks. When I take a screenshot it pastes as if the files are in list form which is not a problem.

When in icon view a file named "Keyboard Shortcuts" appears as


Just need to know how to expand the width of the file name

Much appreciated

This sounds like a Gnome Desktop thing. I use a different desktop environment, so not sure if I can be much help. But the tips on this page may be useful:

i prefer Cinnamon but not sure I can install in Zorin; will have to check

Thanks for te info

Yes, you can - That is the Desktop Environment I use.
Cinnamon D.E. runs like a champ on Zorin OS. On Zorin OS 15, I use the embrosyn repository

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:embrosyn/cinnamon

On Zorin OS 16, the Embrosyn Repo is not pointed to Focal, yet, but cinnamon can be installed from the Main Universe.

Thank you

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