Icons doubling up and how to arrange icons in centre?


When I pin an icon to the panel and open it, two of the icons appear in the panel. One is slightly smaller. It's not a biggy but bugs me a little as it looks untidy. Also, is there a way to group the pinned items in the centre of the panel to give it more of a mac feel?

Any advice appreciated as always



two of the icons appear in the panel. One is slightly smaller.

That's odd. It shouldn't be like that. Have you tried switching on the "Group Applications" option in Zorin Appearance? (see image below)

If it's still there then maybe try searching for answers in Ubuntu / Gnome forums, for example:

Please be careful when modifying system files. I don't want to be held accountable for any damage to your OS.

Anyway, for centering pinned items / favourites, just open Zorin Appearance, go to Panel tab, and change the "Taskbar Position" option just right above the "Group Applications" option like on the image above.

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Thank you very much for your kind help. I will try what you have suggested. I was on Elementary for a while but I noticed it got my fan running much more than Zorin lite so I went back.

In the end I realised that if you right click the item in the start menu and pin it, then 2 icons appear when it is opened. However, if you pin it when it is open by right clicking it in the panel, it doesn't do this.

I didn't know it could be like that. Good to know. I hope your problems are now solved.