Icons not showing

I realize this is an old topic, but it's still a problem for me running:

NAME="Zorin OS"
PRETTY_NAME="Zorin OS 16.2"

More specifically I am interested in getting discord to show in the task-bar
I have followed threads, installed using flatpak, apt, and snap to no avail, currently I am running the deb package from discord themselves alongside the betterdiscord, there is no activity shown in the taskbar settings

  • I have also flipped from X11 to Wayland with no success
  • followed directions in this thread
  • attempted to fix broken packages from synaptic which required installation
  • restarting x
  • locking/unlocking

I'm unsure what other details would be beneficial to get some help with this but I'm asking hopefully before I lose it and just format this thing.

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As expected, the problem is specific to their build of gnome, I've opted to flip over to cinnamon as it's slim and easily installed, and all the icons are naturally in there.

I love the aesthetic from Zorin but come on.

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I agree with your conclusion. I have .deb installed Discord with BetterDiscord and never had this issue on Zorin Lite. Other users have only reported it on Gnome - specifically due to the Gnome-Shell Extensions managing notifications.


I'm sure you will enjoy Cinnamon DE as I've been using it since I first started more than a year ago ..... tried a few others but not for me ..... enjoy .... :+1:

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