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your lucky lately I've been searching ways how to change the taskbar icons etc.
These of course can be found in the themes > gnome-shell folder and especially the gnome-shell.css file.

I saw your print screen and know your using Zorin Core. If I'm right the theme you are using is set to ZorinBlue-Light.

If you navigate to /usr/share/themes/ and copy the ZorinBlue-Light folder to your; /home/user/.themes folder and navigate to the gnome-shell folder and open the gnome-shell.css file, so you can adjust the settings for these system icons.
Look for this line;
#panel .panel-button .system-status-icon { icon-size: 16px; padding: 5px; margin: 0 4px; }

If you change the icon-size: 'x'px to a certain value, the icons will change according to the vaule.

Save the file and hit Alt + F2 and 'r', to refresh the desktop.

Like this before;
Screenshot from 2021-12-22 02-20-29

Screenshot from 2021-12-22 02-20-48


I am using Zorin Os Pro. Can I increase to 40. The left are 48

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the value used for the system icon in the css file are of a different kind. 48 and even 40 would be too big. I had mine changed to 22px. When you choose a too big value the icon become "distort", this because its related to the taskbar settings.


Got a little problem - I do not have .themes folder in home/users. Should I create it?

janusz, guess you made a second tread related to this issue.

Now you have the choice to;

  • make a .themes folder in home/user ..... and copy paste as suggested above or
  • now that you are the owner, as Aravisian explains, you can directly edit the gnome-shell.css file in /usr/share/themes.

Thank you

I did create the themes dir and copy all themes, but when I go to Appearance the only one listed is Advaita and not much of icons. What am I missing. Do I need to install themes and icons. I like Oxygen

I am using the fist on top left layout. I do not know the name as is not listed

why don't you just focus on one theme at the time. Try just one first and see for the others later.

If you follow my suggestion as above you will have just one theme in the themes folder. Navigate to the gnome-shell folder and try to alter the system icons there.

I know Oxygen is a nice theme or iconset, and there are more, but just focus on what you are trying to achieve related to this tread.

I did made a mistake. I renamed to themes instead of .themes. Now all themes shows and was able to increase the right icons. Was not much successful with clock. Laptop is 15inch screen and in my age(69) hard to see the icons. Since I made some progress could you tell me how do I get more icons?. Thanks. I forgot most of Linux, it was few years since I use it, that .file -foldername is hidden. I know how to shows hidden. About the clock - I will "play" with that css


Keep in mind, if you change your theme with Zorin Appearance, the desktop will use the gnome-shell.css file related to the theme set at that moment.
And the theme does not see your age, so that won't be a problem, good luck :smiley:

Thanks. I was able to install Oxygen so I am happy for now. Now, to next adventure

For more themes and icons try;

Or read this tread;

Instead of icons you can create keyboard shortcuts to the most commonly used applications. Settings, keyboard shortcuts. Scroll to the bottom and hit plus. You can use the application icon to get the command (context menu, properties -> copy the command). I have Firefox start on super + f...i won't go into all my applications because not everyone uses them.

Too lazy

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Ha Ha. @janusz seems to enjoy testing to destruction, we await the next calamity.

Well, my next adwenture was install vmware player and win10. All went good. Win10 snappy as it was on native install. The problem with virtualbox is the video memory limited to 512M while the vmware can have up to 8G. That make huge difference. The vmware player is free for non-commercial use. It download with .bundle extension, but easy to install from terminal. The command is sudo sh playername.bundle. Installing win10 is easy too. On my laptop I give 768M video.
Now, to the next adventure to see what I can screw up.

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