You are not the owner

Trying to edit that css file but is read only. Went to Properties to change and I am not the owner. Who to hell is the owner. Last time I know - it is my laptop. Am I over protected?. How do I get full ownership. It remains me windows. I was ( and sometimes still do) Kali where you are root all the times. Do I need to set password for root and log in as root to edit this css?. (sudo passwd).

I set the root password, but what is the login name for root. I try root, but that did not work

I created Administrator user and set password. Log out and log in as Administrator. Try to change permition to read-write and still not the owner. What is going on. Who is the owner

I am :scream: (joking).

I don't know what is going on, did you check settings -> user account

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When you install Zorin OS, you must create a Username and Password.
That Password is the one you use to elevate to root. You already created it at point of install.

sudo -i

Enter that password.


Now Nautilus File Manager will open elevated to Root.
Navigate to /usr//share/themes... to the gnome-shell.css file you are trying to edit. Double click it and it will open in Gedit text editor as Root.

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That works. Thank you

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