I'd like to see Zorin represented on the fediverse/mastodon

I'd like to see Zorin on Mastodon, even if that ment a crossposting bot.

In this time and age it's rare to have opensource projects that aren't established on the fediverse, or universe of federated and decentralized social media if one isn't aware of it. I understand that it's not where you get the most out of your time with marketing, but I think it's nice being represented there even if it is a crossposter of twitter. (Although not just being a crossposter would be pretty dope)

The fediverse really is a "it has come to stay" type of thing

Of all the instances I imagine the fosstodon one might be the most fitting

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TO be honest, I've never heard of either of those, and I have been on Linux for 6+ years now. Clearly its not a circle in which I navigate to or hang out. I am sure the Zorin brother's know what they are doing to advertise Zorin OS. Especially since Zorin OS has literally millions of users, more then any other Linux distro I think.

The only one that I actually know about is Distrowatch. But we've already had conversations in here, and recently, about how DistroWatch is a bunch of BS and not to be taken seriously, as its nothing but page view counter.

If DistroWatch actually acted like a real journalist paper with accredited sources and journalists, then it would be clear who is the top kings of the Linux world for most users. Zorin OS and POP OS.

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I know very little of the GNU/Linux world, but stating Zorin OS and Pop OS as the distros with most users is a bit of an overstatement.

For what it's worth, MX Linux has been in the top of page hits counter of Distrowatch for the last 2 years. Before that, Mint and Manjaro, in the last 10 years.

I'm not saying this is reliable (or even sufficient) data to analyse. I'm saying there is a huge world out there, in both terms of distros available and people all over the globe.

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I also didn't know about Mastodon and Fosstodon. This is one of the beauties of reading a forum with a good community: you are always learning new stuff. :grinning:

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