Idea for note taking / clock applications!

Hi everyone, I struggle a lot with getting things done! Especially with to-do lists.
I write a list and soon enough it accumulates and disappears, or rather the whole app is forgotten.

I found a great way to deal with this, which is by having my to-do list linked with alarms—yes, alarms, not some silly notifications that disappear instantly.

However, planning the day on an app and then going back to the clock to set alarms for the tasks I scheduled is tedious.

It would be really great if Zorin had this feature in a core note application where you can create to-do lists or normal notes and set an alarm for them.

If anyone knows a tool that does the job, I would be grateful too!

As you mention that you have a lot of trouble with this, you might want to read into methodologies, instead of software, to address this issue. Things like the Pomodoro technique for example, for which there is also a selection of software to help with this. Or going completely analog with a sand clock, to build up discipline.

I've tried many fancy task management software solution like Obsidian and others, but it just doesn't do it for me. For quick notes, I always have pen and paper within reach. That way I don't have to overthink things and it's always right there in front of me, even for stuff like buying milk and whatnot.

The problem with this is that everyone has a different way of thinking and organizing their work. Having this would not satisfy many, while there are already multitude of options available to choose from, so I think it's best to let everyone to find and use their own poison.

Maybe this can help:


Thanks a lot for the reply! I agree you with you regarding the issue of obessing with tools, However the idea is straight up simple and does not require any fancy software or interface the key thing is just on the alarm part rather than notification.

The whole methodology of the alarm is about being constantly reminded in an annoying way since neurodivergent (a fancy word for "different") minds like ADHD work, well…, differently.

Pomodoro is way different than the issue I am addressing with notes or to do lists.

I've just tried a few different options including the first three listed on the link I shared above and, surprisingly, none of them use a proper alarm as a reminder/notification.

Unfortunately I think the only option that I could recommend that meets this criteria would be using the built-in Clocks to create new alarms with descriptive titles for them. Not a great solution for note taking but quite straight forward for tasks that need to be completed on the day.

Another option that comes to mind, as you mention that you want the constant reminder, is to use post-it notes. For this, once again I would vouch for the tried and true analog solution and just use pen and paper. However, there's also a software solution that does the trick as well. I only found a Flatpak for this but can easily be installed either through the Software Store or terminal command:

flatpak install com.vixalien.sticky

If you find something that works for you please let me know, now I'm curious :smiley:

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absolutely I am still trying, I will also contact some developers to see if they could do it for me. thanks again zenzen for trying to help :smile: .

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