Idea: Zorin OS Duo edition

Depending on the hardware specs, people may be unsure whether to choose Core or Lite. However, I feel that the Pro requires more storage space and is not suitable for the hardware that needs Lite.

Therefore, I would like to propose an edition called Zorin OS Duo, which has both the Core and Lite desktop environments pre-installed, and the rest of the features are Lite plus Zorin Installation Support. I think this edition is worth paying for.

I'm pretty sure there is a Pro Lite version.

I think the Zorin brothers thought the same as you did and that's why right on the website they spelled out between Lite and Core which one people should pick. It's right on the website on the download page Download - Zorin OS

Zorin OS 16.1 Core
For basic use on modern computers.

Zorin OS 16.1 Lite
For basic use on low-spec PCs up to 15 years old.

There is already an option for this it is called Pro, and has both Gnome and XFCE. You can see it using the link I gave above and if you page down on that same page it will tell you what is included.

You'll find that most distro's don't do this, and make the user select one DE at the time of install. Most distro's will give you a choice of different "flavors" to pick from as far as DE's. Gnome, KDE, Cinnamon, XFCE, etc. You pick the one you want and download that iso. There are some that allow you to install more than one DE at the time of install but it is not the norm.

If someone wants another DE other than the one provided then it is easily accomplished either through Synaptic or command line.

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When you purchase Pro you get both editions, Core with additional Apps and Lite with additional apps.


Truth be told, I just find it a hassle to remove the apps bundled with Pro.

In (Core) Pro you can choose minimal installation by a click.

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