If Zorin did not exist which distro are you switching to?

I have found peace with Zorin and have became a big fan over the past couple of months. If Zorin ceased to exist I would probably end up on Linux Mint. (even though I have several major gripes with it)

Nobara would also be in the running. I really like Nobara but the Fedora base I think would doom it for me as I really prefer slower release schedules.

If you are currently on another distro my question is why?

I am very curious to hear everyone's responses and reasoning :slight_smile:


I found myself switching to vanilla Ubuntu, then KDE Neon before switching back to Zorin. I just like being on a more up-to-date distro base. I've overcome that now. I'm not sure if major updates bring security patches or...

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I did the EXACT same thing when I first started using Zorin. But I never could get the seamless rock solid stability outside of Zorin.

I do like Kubuntu/Neon but I swear I always end up with major issues sooner or later. It just never fails.

Ubuntu 20.04 gets security updates from Canonical just like 22.04 does so there wont be much of a difference there. If I am not mistaken I think 22.04 would get them a little sooner though.

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tried Pop OS and just plain Debian the past few weeks, but Zorin remains my main OS.

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Debian Stable? I do not care for the interface of PopOS. Takes up a lot screen real estate.

What was your opinion of PopOS? It was my main distro for probably about a year then I updated 20.04 to 22.04 and hated it lol

Honestly impressed by it. It improved a lot from the old versions I tried in the past.

Funny how opinions work.
22.04 scared me off and you were impressed by it lol

I will be trying Deepin 23 when it comes out. I just can't stand your typical old and frumpy looking distro.

I'm a huge fan of the newer Gnome. Gnome 3.38 is annoying me with how long people are continuing to use it. It's 2023, damnit.

As interesting of a release as it is I honestly do not fully trust the developers of that project. Been some suspicious actions in the past.

I wonder if UbuntuDDE ever becomes an official spin?

I really have not noticed much of a difference going from Gnome 43 to 3.38 other than some extensions not being supported. Have not used Gnome 44 hardly at all


I honestly do not fully trust the developers

Then try UbuntuDDE which is Deepin without all the China.

some extensions not being supported

LOTS of UI improvements.

I couldn't really say exactly which distro I would definitely be switching to. I'm currently taking my time to "distro hop" to explore what's out there in the Linux world.

But Pop!_OS is one that really impressed me. It had it's own look and feel, the ability to use a tiling window manager by clicking a single button, and of course since the company that makes it are hardware manufacturers it at least gives the impression that they test things thoroughly. I had no issues with it while I used it.

Fedora was really nice one for me but the release cycles are too short for my taste. I'm on the mood of switching often but ultimately I want to "settle down".
OpenSUSE is great so far but I'm not a big fan of unexpected surprises that come with rolling distributions.

So for me it comes down to Pop!_OS, Mint, MX Linux or Debian. Mint was okay but had a bit of a bumpy ride with it. For desktops I would choose MX Linux over Debian, but then again I guess I would probably choose Pop!_OS over MX Linux... so I guess there you have it.

At least, that's my decision as of today.

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That's buggy for me. I encountered problems such as the DE constantly crashing when I changed the appearance and corners being black.

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DDE as a whole isn’t very stable yet. Apparently the next release is going to help with that a lot.

I am on two pc older mint and newer fedora with spin cinnamon. Of course, i am waiting on new version Zorin. I want check all family. How they working pros and cons. I mean, slackware,Debian,Ubuntu and Red hat. Arch is for people hobbies and have many time to configuration distribution with packages, updates, security and Kernel updated.

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I would go with Mint as I use Cinnamon DE on Zorin Pro now ..... folks I know wanted me to go to Mint when I found Zorin but I doubt they had even tried Zorin .....

I'm a firm believer "if it ain't broke don't fix it" OS's that change their versions like a rabbit eating carrots don't impress me I want stability not glitter ..... but that is me ..... a new version every couple of years is fine with me ....


I would try pop and deepin (23 when it gets here), but will be sticking with the kde plasma DE. I don't expect Zorin to drop off anytime soon, so there's no hurry to switch.

Any particular reason you don’t try Kubuntu or Neon if you like KDE?

I actually had more issues on Ubuntu than I ever did in Zorin. While there are distros that perform well, I still find Zorin to be better maintained.

Pop and deepin may have great interfaces, but my preference and comfort lie in KDE.

Regardless of the distro, it is what I will use for now. Very few other DEs provide so much in the way of options along with the graphics. All of the functionality is there, any additions are in the way of widgets and scripts to improve upon that. No extensions for desktop icons, live wallpaper is a simple install away, similar to windows look and feel with so much more available... Linux gives me that option and my preference and comfort have spoken their opinion. After using Gnome, XFCE, LXDE and Cinnamon... it's what I've chosen. No one has to agree with me or like it.

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Personally I am not a huge fan of KDE. It just has to much going on imo.

But I get the appeal for a different type of user than myself.

Also if anybody has a problem with you using what you want I wouldn’t put to much stock in what they say lol.

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