If Zorin did not exist which distro are you switching to?

I find this often (but not always :confused: ) happens in ZL16.2 with XFCE. Sometimes when I've left that machine with my mum, I notice she'll have multiple instances of the file manager and web browser open, because she kept clicking on the (permanent) panel icons until finally one instance opened non-minimized.

This is very strange as XFCE-Panel launchers do not have an "Open as Minimized" option. I have never, not once, had an app open as minimized on any XFCE build.

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So mine's unique! Cool, maybe I can auction it for a bundle on eBay! :grin:


If you can replicate it?

I don't know how I plicated it, so I sure don't know how to replicate it :wink:

You are on fire on today :fire:

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I'd move to Ubuntu.


I'm going to try Tuxedo on my Thinkpad P50. It's Ubuntu based, but KDE DE.
I tried out a live USB, and was impressed with it. Nvidia drivers were loaded, OpenCL works, Very little configuration of the DE to get it useable.

Also picked up my NAS with no issues, and the printer worked out of the box. Audio also seemed fine, as well as the web cam working. Scanner will need the Brothers drivers, but so did Zorin.

Biggest concern is support. No forum like this one, most inquiries go via reddit.
Haven't found out if more formal support is available from the tech support area, or if that is only for their hardware.

I plan on removing the SSD with the Zorin install and using a different one for Tux. That way, I can switch back if I want to after an extended trial period. I also am using Rescuzilla to make a disk image now. I'll leave my main desktop alone for now.

I've been very happy with Zorin for the past couple years, but I think (don't know) that KDE might be better for me. Only way to know is to try it out!

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I've been using Tuxedo hardware for about two years now, and tried on a number of distributions, and honestly never had to reach out for support. It has been a great experience overall.
When I first got this, Tuxedo OS was based on the budgie desktop environment so I guess things have changed a bit which can only mean that their development team care about their product (Budgie DE had a lot of good things going but development suddenly stopped).

Don't be afraid to reach out via email if needed. I'm sure they'll be available.


POP-OS or Manjaro

but i think the next version of zorin os will be released because in launchpad it's already jammy based. :thinking: :blush:

After your run with Tuxedo, if you find yourself loving KDE, you can install KDE on Zorin.

I've been running Plasma for some time, gnome still exists and can be utilized, but I rarely go there.

The way I understand Tuxedo is that it's a decent OS, but not nearly as responsive as Zorin. Let us know your experience and what you decide to do.m


Will do. I had thought about trying to run KDE on Zorin, and may yet try it after Zorin 17 is released. Although I'm not a bleeding edge guy, I am looking at some new hardware purchases next year, and would want a more up to date base than Zorin 16 offers. This is more of a KDE test than anything else.

Zorin on the Thinkpad has been pretty much flawless. Zorin on my desktop, several minor issues that haven't ever been resolved, and they are probably upstream from Zorin anyways.

From this; Zorin OS 17 will most likely be released before making hardware purchases next year...

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Great, there's plenty of time.
Do you know anything about Zorin Grid? Timeframe or pricing?
I'm on the tech committee for an Non profit library in Mexico and we're looking for a solution to managing the public computers from remote locations.

You may want to contact the devs directly for any updates and possibilities of Zorin Grid. It was still under construction with no mention of release when I asked about a few things concerning Zorin 17.

I just installed TuxedoOS with KDE and I'm still unable to do what you describe: I get the prompt to select the location on the file and the filename input is focused, but when I try to move to another directory it loses focus.

It's actually even worse than Gnome or XFCE because typing doesn't do anything at all, no search for files or directories so it's actually less functionality.


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Interesting, I'll let you know what I find. Probably do the install tomorrow. Plan on using a fresh ssd so I can get back to Zorin if it fails.

Was your install on a vm or bare metal?

I've tried the search funtion in krunner, seemed ok.

Thanks for the heads up!

I really want to use KDE, but I can't the head of me not getting my icon themes to work with it :confused:


KDE is far better than Xfce. More customizations, better fractional scaling , better performance :slight_smile:

Maybe you should make icons for kde also :slight_smile:

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