If Zorin did not exist which distro are you switching to?

I had been following that thread. That is absolutely ridiculous. Even APPLE does not feel the need to go that far.

While I do know my way around I personally still prefer the interface to be more locked down unless I explicitly want to make changes. I always thought KDE should have something along the lines of a "hide edit mode" option in Settings. I would be ok with Gnome doing something similar to that.

Hard to show you, but if I am in a program and save a new file, and choose the location before I name the file, when I go back to name it, anything I type ends up in an input for search.

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Can you give me an example of a program this happens to you in? I just tried in text editor and can not get a similar result.

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I have seen this happen in Nautilus...
It happens if the click is not made directly on the name field.

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I just switched to "Stock Gnome" and another decision I do not like is the hot corner. I prefer to explicitly click the activities icon. So I turn that off in Tweaks as well.

Can you tell me exactly what you mean by that? I have been trying to understand

I'm using Nemo currently, and that's where I see it. Of course when I try to reproduce it now, I can't. I'll try to make a note next time it happens and see if I can get a screen recording.

Ok as a fast example that drives me nuts:
Open Gimp and uncheck single window mode. Open an image. Make an edit in GIMP of the image and ctrl+c copy it. Now, instead of pasting it over the canvas in GIMP, use ctrl+shift+v to paste it as a new window.
The new window appears minimized to the panel, instead of open on the screen.

I believe there is a setting to make it open as Open instead of as minimized - At the time, I had to search for it. Then later, it reverted itself...
Drove me nuts.

Great. I also use Nemo as my default. So maybe I can help replicate it.

Completely understand. I can definitely see that being annoying as well. I rarely have more than one window open which is probably why I have not particularly noticed this. (I hate screen clutter. Can not have more than 2 or 3 tabs on a browser as well lol) (Ive always wondered if I have a minor case of OCD)

Drives me nuts when I go to my wife's Macbook and she has 10 windows and 20 tabs open XD

When I am doing creation or graphics, I can have a large number of windows open, which I am editing, comparing against each other and switching back and forth - combining elements.
Another is in creating SVG images, where I can have multiple layers open in multiple windows of inkscape, then I will ultimately stack into one image - but need separate in order to build it.
In making a system theme, I might need the .css file, the index.theme file and the images all opened at one time, so that the right hand knows what the left is doing.

I am the same with browsers- the fewer the tabs the better. I prefer to keep it under 5 open tabs at a time.

Ah I see what you mean. However I think this is not an issue but even a welcome feature. If you are trying to save a file in a very crowded location, that search feature is very useful. It makes sense to me that you have to click on the input for the name.

You can also type Ctrl + L to focus the filename input.

@Aravisian I was just checking Tobias Bernard blog as suggested and I'm curious if you happen to have a direct link where he talks about these issues? Don't bother yourself if you don't, it's just curiosity.

I really should be organized and save each link because I know I will likely reference them later... But I never remember to do it at the time.
But as a Quick Google Search:

I currently do not have time to devote a search to it all - I am in class, still.


Also not to bombard you but I was curious why you use Zorin over MX Linux now? MX Linux seems to hit on a lot of things that (From what I understand about you) are important to you

Zorin OS, during my tests, showed a unique factor:
If I really ramp up activity, the CPU performance on Zorin OS will briefly spike high, then drop back down.
On MX Linux, it goes up and stays there.

I admit a very slight preference for how I can install things in terminal with Zorin over MX Linux.

And there are other small tweaks Zorin OS does that I really appreciate: ZorinGroup changes very little that ends up outside of user control. They keep things customized to be Zorin OS in a way that I can easily change as I see fit. (This is something Mint does Not Do and I really resist that.)
MX Linux has its Good, though, for example a simpler Init system, avoiding SystemD, but having a Shim for SystemD so that the user has the choice for themselves rather than being forced into SystemD or Forced into avoiding it.

So it really is a VERY close thing and that CPU performance was the deciding factor. Had it not been for that, the SystemD issue would have put MX Linux on top and I remain very strong in supportive words of MX Linux to this day.
With Gnome changing things so drastically in GTK4, I may end up moving to MX Linux if Zorin is too deeply affected by GTK4.
On my current new machine, that processor usage should be great on either anyway.

There is also a certain loyalty to the ZorinGroups excellent work; though Jerry over at MX Linux has most certainly earned my respect, too.

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I would potentially distinguish between Desktop and Laptop computers. To be more up to date I run Xubuntu on an old Desktop and Linux Mint on my brand new Laptop. But I could also consider Ubuntu on the Laptop to make full use of gesture support, fingerprint sensor etc. My biggest problem with Zorin OS is that I cannot get one of my printer running. But most probably I am going back to Zorin as soon it's built on a Ubuntu 22.04 basis.

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Do you have an open thread on this?

I honestly can not ever imagine leaving Zorin, it does exactly what I want out of a system.

But at one point during the Unity interface I would have said the same about Ubuntu. But stock Ubuntu has not been the same to me since they made that change

Pretty sure they have ISOs where you can. If you want to Google for it


Pretty sure the Krypton ones are live Tumbleweed

OpenSUSE Tumbleweed:


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Save a file from the web and choose another directory than downloads. I've done this countless times and had the bookmarked directory populate the file name, so if Try to hit save quickly, it errors and says that isn't a file. Clicking on the directory window returns the file name to the top, from the search, and I can name it and save. It's annoying, but a quirk of Nemo, not gnome I believe. I have Nemo handling the GTK portion of my desktop, file browser, including GTK application open and save windows.

What really got to me about gnome was the memory leak. It would start at 2.5GB, within ten minutes I was at 2.8GB. After a little while longer its over 3GB. I'll use Slack, Discord, Firefox and VSCode, well into 8GB of RAM, which I expected. After closing all of that and letting the computer idle for up to ten minutes, Ram never went under 5GB. KDE doesn't do that. It uses 2.3GB, with a live wallpaper. I'll open all of those apps, maybe RStudio as well, then when I'm done, RAM will return to 2.3GB.

The RAM leak and minimalistic, below basic, functionality are what caused me to look elsewhere for a better DE. KDE also provides the bonus of allowing me to use any GTK or QT application on a whim, adding functionality and compatibility to my computer. Confusing settings may be annoying, but like anything Linux, learning is part of the journey. There are too many pros to not use KDE in my opinion.

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Way back when SuSE was version 6.2, I would be with SuSE now. I haven't had the opportunity to use Linux as I have now, I just remember the ease with how everything on the 6 cd-roms installed.