Ifyoo Joystick? Any chance of getting it working?

Loaded Zorin Pro after my Windows install needed a reload but I discovered I no longer had my Authentication Code. No way was I going to pay for Windows again.

Right before this happened, I bought a Ifyoo Joystick. As I learned how to use Zorin, it stayed in the drawer. I took it out again recently and discovered it was a USB paperweight. The website doesn't mention supporting Linux. I'm certain that means "Abandon all hope."

Or should I? Is there any chance to get this working? I generally game on Steam (sometimes Lutris) but their joystick firmware didn't help.

No guarantees, but you could try the joystick package from here?:


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If @swarfendor437 's suggestion happens to bear no luck, you also can try:

sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:rael-gc/ubuntu-xboxdrv

sudo apt update && sudo apt install ubuntu-xboxdrv

You can modify and configure controllers with jstest-gtk

sudo apt install jstest-gtk

You can also install and use qjoypad.


You might be pleasantly surprised. I use Linux Mint 20.3 and it works well with my multi-button joystick. It also works with my RC flight controller and much to my surprise it even works with my force feed-back wheel and pedals that haven't worked since Windoze XP. And I didn't have to install any drivers for any or them. I did install jstest-gtk that Aravisian suggested so I could test my joystick but I don't think it is really needed.

Sorry for the delay. I tried all those lines. It still doesn't work.

Sorry for the delay getting back.

What is Linux Mint and what does it improve Zorin, besides what you've just mentioned? It seems like it would be a fairly large system change.

Yes it is a complete system change. It is another operating system. You install it just like you did Zorin. If you have room you can install it along side Zorin as a dual boot system. That way you can check it out without losing your Zorin system. I have a couple of machines set up that way.

The main advantages I found with Linux mint is that most games I have tried worked well on LM. Of course if you want to play games that were designed for Windoze you have to install Wine but using Play on Linux it installs the games on LM with the proper version of Wine.

The second and for me most important advantage to LM is that the software updater system just works. Maybe it is my internet provider or something else but with Zorin I was regularly getting messages I had an update but then the update manager said my system was up to date. I also sometimes got other errors when trying to update Zorin. I have not gotten any errors updating LM.

One word of caution. They have just released LM 21. According to the LM forum I belong to there are a lot of problems with it as there are usually with a new release. The last fully stable LM is 20.3 which is what I am running. I am sure in a few weeks they will have LM 21 bugs worked out but for now I am waiting before doing the upgrade.

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