Ill probably need a refund

I'm always happy to support new Linux Distro's and don't mind paying for it either so today one of our staff members had an unrecoverable crash on his ubuntu machine so I bought him Zorin OS 16 Pro for him to test out.. Now thinking that since it's a paid distro and having lots of experience with other linux flavors I was hoping for a 20m/30m download of the ISO based on our internet connection..

How surprised I am seeing the 5 hours left mark on my download. I cannot have one of my guys wait for 5 hours for a distro to download so he is now back on Ubuntu.

What is the process of getting a refund back for an unused key?


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You can send a message to @AZorin or @zorink on this forum using the PM function. You also can use the Contact Us form on the download page

Or communicate with the email you received containing the download link.

During times of High Demand on the server, occasionally users can experience a long download time. I usually recommend waiting ten minutes and trying to download again.
Possibly due to a lot of anticipation for Zorin OS 16 and possibly due to the new Windows 11 requirements, Zorin OS 16 has seen some extremely high demand since its release.

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Thanks, i've emailed back on the registration key email.


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Hi @SeditioAntonie, we have now sent you an email about this.

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