I'm back with a variation of the same question (desktop icons gone after sleep)

Refresher - ASUS Z470 Motherboard, Intel i7-10700 CPU, 64G Ram, etc.

I'm running a paid for auto updated 16. After the computer goes to sleep and I wake through the password, the Desktop ICON's are gone. I'm still able to launch the apps through the search, and when I do a restart the ICON's return. This started shortly after I upgraded and paid for 16. It is only a minor irritant, but still irritating.

Last time I asked there were no other questions on the topic, but that is easily 6 months removed. Now I see a few, but no comments or suggestions by the users in question that the suggestions resolved the issue. I've been monkeying around with a couple of other distro's, but nothing give the look, feel and function of Zorin, so I've not jumped ship.

Hanging in there folks...

@Bluepig So you are still seeking help on this sleep/hibination loss of desktop icons. I am inclined to move this from "Chat about Zorin" to "General Help" as it is a problem seeking help, but a link to your original post would be useful reference if you could insert that.

Also, having paid for Pro, you are entitled to help from the devs. But there being only 2 of them, you may need some patience.


Have you tried adding hibernate option to your system?

Try this post to add hibernate option and check if the system behavior is affected by it or not!


Amended title and moved to General Help.

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