I'm getting stressed trying to install Zorinos core

NVMe is not like eMMC lmaoz, Do you even know what eMMC is? It's a soldered drive, NVMe isn't soldered. It is a normal M.2 drive format with technology of NVMe and NAN-3D. But what NVMe can cause problem is because it usual requires own drivers to detect it or read it or w.e you call it. So i guess you where thinkin of this part, since some linux may not have any drivers for NVMe drive.


It is interesting how a language can work that One Small Comma can entirely change the meaning of a sentence.

Best tip for those who can't have Linux on sdd nvme:

Install your linux on hd, don't try to install on nvme. (It takes a lot of work and in the end you can't even get it)

that is kinda impossible if some here uses laptop that only has got M.2 slot, they could downgrade over to M.2 SATA SSD but it won't be as fast as the NVMe that they want to have.

Or just install to USB3 drive and make your life easier (Samsung T5 FTW)

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