I'm going back to Windows

It's been a little more than a year since I switched. That's more than enough time to tell if this works. My verdict is it doesn't.

There are a lot of good things about Linux. It gives access to a lot of cool open-source apps.

I can't count the number of times that I've tried to get my work done, only to lose anywhere from an hour to more than a day trying to correct issues that make the work impossible. Lately, it's been the sound. That's important because I'm using it to learn a language. The sound panel is really inadequate. Glitches I remedy keep on coming back.

No, I haven't learned to use the command line. It turns out I don't have the time and don't even know where to start.

Since I'm using Zorin for work, I also don't have time to come to the forums, wait for answers that probably won't come, then they might or might be remedies; only to encounter yet another issue time-consuming issue.

Some things have never worked: Bluetooth, my legacy scanner, and my favorite game, Civilization VI. The first isn't crucial. The second I was able to correct by purchasing a phone app. The third has really put a crimp in my leisure time.

If I were in my twenties, I could put more time and effort into learning to correct the issues, and I'd probably stick with Linux. But I'm in my sixties. I have fewer productive hours in my day. Staying up late to learn all about it is no longer an option.

I won't completely give up on Linux. No, I'll have a multiboot. So, I did learn something from my year on Zorin.


That's a pretty important thing.

Sound issues: I agree. Notorious. And personally, I glare in the direction of Systemd and Pulseaudio on this one.
You might check with @swarfendor437 on using Devuan in order to solve some of your pressing issues.
If it's not a headache, it may well be worth looking into.

You must prioritize what you need to function with work.

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I understand your feelings. I am in my mid 70s. I also have been using Linux for about 1 year. I have learned that there are more than one version of Linux. And what works for one doesn't always work for someone else. I also had problems getting games to work on Zorin. I really like Zorin and come to this forum often. But I found that the games and other programs I use regularly work better on Linux Mint or LM as it is known. I have a couple of machines set up as dual boot with LM and Zorin. So if as you say you haven't given up completely on Linux you might want to give LM or maybe another distribution (Distro) a try. LM with Cinnamon desktop works very similar to windoze without all the baggage MS adds to their operating systems.


I'm won't try to convince you to muddle through with Linux, everyone should decide for themselves what works best. I also don't have solutions for all your problems unfortunately, but I just wanted to share one piece of information about Civilization VI:

The version from Steam is officially supported, but they do have some pretty strict system requirements saying that AMD or Intel graphics do not work.
This is different from the Windows requirements (more memory required too) and may or may not explain your difficulties.

Hmm not sure why you can't play CiV VI, it's one of my favorite games and I've logged 140 hours this year (ZorinOs+Steam) I've had a few issues with the port bridges mod, but that also gives windows clients issues after game updates as well so that's a civ issue not a os issue. Though alot depends on system hardware, software drivers ect. I am running a full amd system Ryzen 7 5700g & RX580x which have good Linux, proton and Vulcan support.

As far as sound issues, I had odd issues that I had to disable hardware to stop having sound issues that I agree with. One windows strengths is the ability to work well with millions of devices in millions of configurations with minimal workarounds.

I'd like to see you stay but I won't twist your arm, consider giving it more chances or come back for Zorin 17 and try it again with a newer improved platform

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Good he taken experience with Zorin.
He tried and wrote experience what is good and bad.
Titus Tech using all 3 operating system.


That's probably because you don't use steam or lutris with Proton / Wine-GE runner "enabled". This game works perfect on Linux, it even has Gold status https://www.protondb.com/app/289070

At the end of the day, we use the tools that work for us and not the other way around. Giving something a fair chance is great, but acknowledging when it doesn't work is just as important. That is the right attitude, good for you.


I have to agree with you in some aspects....sometimes we need to run out of the box and fast.
I like to troubleshooting and solve errors, but some time NOT and need to get done.

I run some games include Civilization working without any problem, but to get this run i lost some days test and fix (with a great help in this forum).

I continue using Zorin and love it (now look at new ubuntu) and i have dual boot on my laptop....but when i login to windows 11 ( allways say this is Fu...ing slow ).

For me w10 or w11 is hard to find anything also with funcionality.
It have many things what are useless. Something like developer put more trash software when you never used that.
I need simple a operating system and don't need a shop in my operating system.
Thinking how many that trash software eating your battery in a laptop.

Yes i agree, but sometimes work "faster" then linux, or with less troubleshooting.

Every operating system have good and bad sides.

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