I'm having a scrollbar issue while using sites as apps in Chrome, how can I fix it?

I use sites as applications in Chrome, I encounter a strange problem and it's very annoying. Especially when watching videos on youtube.

I open youtube in Chrome as an application, when I download the application down in the dock and open it again, the scroll bar disappears for 2-3 seconds and comes back again, which spoils the page. This problem is only happening on app sites in Chrome. This problem is most likely due to the fact that chrome is trying to use the system's scrollbar instead of the original scroll bar.
I show it as an example in the photo, ZorinOS uses the scroll bar, can't I make it completely original?
How can I fix it?

I installed Chrome beta for testing purposes, I noticed that the problem was solved. I tried it on different linux distributions, it was problematic on all Stable version of Chrome

It is actually a bit difficult to tell what you are pointing out. What does the Original Scroll bar look like?
The screenshot you show looks perfectly normal to me.

Actually, I could have explained the situation with the best video. But it seems that the Chrome beta has fixed the problem.

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