I'm new to linux, and I'm trying to install an .exe but it won't install i don't know why. wine launched it at first but won't continue the installing process

WineHQ may be the place to investigate this issue.
From a general websearch of "capcut wine linux", I found this:

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It looks like a dependency is missing. It says the library wasn't released, but it may have the same error if it doesn't exist.

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what does that mean? can you explain in a more noob way? hahaha tnx for the reply

From @zabadabadoo 's link:

The installer fails to create certain folders. Instead of folders, it creates empty text files.
If you create them manually, the installation will succeed.
For a standard installation, these are:
~/.wine/drive_c/users/$USER/AppData/Local/CapCut /User Data

It starts here with the things jkfloris mentioned, and than on top of that I did (Also installed) winetricks vcrun2019 and dxvk1101, but that last one might not be needed maybe.
Further you must set windows version to win 8.1, while in win7 you get something about enabling Aero theme (guess that`s related to dwmapi)
SideNote: I just unzipped the exe and ran it from 'JYPacket/'

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